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This place is about my work as a web developer, by now it's been close to 20 years since my "very first steps". Here I present just a "hint" of my entire work, a fine selection of things I did develop in recent period. I do work full-stack or within either back-end or front-end, with(in) advanced web and applications, CMS and code writing: PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, HTML5, CSS3; With experience with AngularJS, Angular, React, Redux, Node.js, Hybryd web apps... I also worked with and gained experience with API’s and frameworks, to name some: Leaflet/MapBox, Google maps, STRAVA, Ionic framework, Elastic search, ApacheSOLR, Brightcove, Campaign monitor, MailChimp, Communico, Qless, HapYak, Twitter, Facebook etc.


I believe that I know Drupal down to its bone tissue.
Engineering on existing CMS features / contributed modules as well as via its API code through modules and themes development. I've been involved since version 5 up to nowadays (~10 at this moment) and I wrote hundred(s) of custom modules, theme/templates, related front-end JS/CSS, in versions 6, 7, 8 and 9.


I am perfectly comfortable in shell environment with ssh, up-to-date LAMP like environment, including related programs/tools/configs, GIT etc. and also proficient in usage of all kind of package managers, both in classic Apache/NGINX or Node.js environment. I do use several tools for testing and code standards as per need.

Basic usage

Examples of basic usage, four unique ways with two Field formatter plugins - Swiper images and Swiper markup as well as basic usage in Views with provided Swiper formatter style plugin. Includes go-over all the possible configurations, including a big number of Swiper's parameters and modules provided on config entity form from, also info on theme/templates for themers and site builders.

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Advanced usage in Views

This module provides possibility for at least three different ways for using with Views, default one is covered in a previous video and here is two more:
1. Rendering swiper out of multiple value field (image in our example) from multiple nodes in sequential way.
2. Rendering swiper out of content teaser of nodes of a certain type, with swiper formatted field belonging to each of the items.

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Hybrid blocks

Ongoing project/development - Drupal 9/10 module meant to be a "container" for various UI components/formatters. It implements plenty of Block plugins, Views plugins (such as arguments, filters, displays styles), a front-end factory (to support theme and modules) as it can be seen in presentation below.

Development selection

Here is a very small selection of my work as a developer, either the only one or in collaboration with the other developers. It's just as much I could have all set and ready for to have this page somewhat complete, there is many more things I did but screencasting and reverse-documenting is quite time-consuming and non-inspirational (when you can use the same time to code :)


Open Street maps / Leaflet + STRAVA API (2018)

A very advanced UI/UX made with Leaflet and implementing back-end STRAVA API on a fantastic platform Storyteller.Integration of STRAVA API in back-end and a complex JavaScript factory to combine into a visual story for users/members who actually post their rides this way.

The most advanced part here was processing available geo data json in order to create "the rhythm" and the animation on the map.

/* Main animation method in JavaScript */

ApacheSOLR integration in Drupal (2020)

A simple demonstration of ApacheSOLR integration within Drupal Search API ecosystem as well as front-end related solutions on top of that. Some of the latter are already part of Nk tools front-end factories but not really straightforward or within and drupal/admin UI or so. Such as CSS highlight class and jQuery event (listener) etc.

/* PHP & jQuery Drupal way */

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Labs for culture (2012 - 2019)

Fully featured social network of a kind and of that time. A pioneer project with nowadays quite popular so called decoupling Drupal where as only its back-end is used (or even not) yet front-end is any of popular frameworks such as React or Angular. This was a collaboration with a great developer mind GF to whom I owe a big credit for many inputs and tricks! We did all on existing Drupal 6 old and not that simple database and structure making it completely bare and providing JSON routes picked by and rendered by AngularJS.

/* "App.js" file in AngularJS  */
/* Google Maps API in AngularJS */

Scrapper - a browser plugin (2019)

(Chrome only) browser plugin/extension written in pure vanilla JavaScript which enables injecting parts of content from any web page directly into Drupal (as node of previously configured content type) via core JSON API. It implements authentication, cookie token based for POST request as well as feature to "share" the action with pre-defined collaborators (as email addresses set in main plugin configuration). This project still needs a lot of love (read my time), first of all to make sure other browsers are supported as well as possible modularity to take a chance of other JSON based APIs, other that just stick to Drupal.

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